Back to Basics

Brilliant Nutrition takes you back to the basics of nutrition for the human body. We have simplified education and your shopping experience with 3 EASY STEPS – all supported by the brilliance and complexities of research.

~ Like your life depends on it.


Simple Complete Nutrition

When it comes right down to it,
there really is a simple approach to attending to your body’s basic nutritional needs.
1- Start with your GUT: Clean water – Wise food choices – Plenty of Fiber – Enzymes – Probiotics
2- Add CORE NUTRIENTS: Vitamins – Minerals – Essential Fatty Acids – Macro & Micro Nutrients
3- Support TARGET AREAS with specific nutrients Ex: Joint Support, Blood Sugar Support etc
No need to overcomplicate.

This is where it all begins. If your gut isn’t working well, all other efforts fall short. Gut support is here

We need to supplement with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. You choose: Capsules, Tablets, Powders or Liquids

Focusing on something specific? Joints, Blood Sugar, Energy, Eyes, Nerves, Lungs, Brain, Heart, Weight Etc Here you go!

Back to Basics

Foundational Nutrition for YOUR Bio Terrain


For over 27 years we’ve been serving the needs of our clients and customers. In working closely with Naturopaths, Medical Doctors and other Health Care Professionals, we have fine tuned the approach from simply ‘buying some vitamins’ to helping you become more efficient in your choices of what to take, why take it and when.

It’s our belief that before someone spends precious resources on purchasing supplements, that they understand the basics of our body’s wellness needs and attend to these important steps to create a better foundation ~ a better ‘bio terrain’ .

Bio terrain is to your body as soil is to plants.” ~Lisa Barney M.Ed., CNC

Give the bio terrain and soil what they need and what grows forth from them will thrive!


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These doctors, athletes and nutritionists have literally poured their knowledge and combined years of research and application into these nutritional supplements. These are only some of our top doctors and advisors. We’re very fortunate to be the recipients of their expertise.


Nutrition health evaluation

See for yourself! It’s important to have measurable results. Complete the Health Evaluation Form before you begin taking your supplements. Review your score after 30 days, then again after 90 days.